Food Friday

Just a quick one for this weeks Friday post. It’s been a busy food week for me. Last week hubby didn’t arrive home till late on Friday night, so no food review post could be done. With only 3 days home it was certainly more rushed than usual, but it was the best three days.
Monday evening we went out for dinner and then a movie with friends. While we do this, or are at least able to do this whenever we want, this couple still have a few young ones, so it was a real treat – adult conversation and no whinging/arguing from little people.
We went to the Soho for a pub meal which was up to its usual standard, beautiful. Our meals consisted of steaks, a salmon and the biggest beef schnitzel you’ve ever seen! Decided not to harass everyone with taking pictures of food.
The movie, Elysium, was not bad, not as good as we thought, but definitely not the worst.

I’ve done some baking this week, and will probably do more tomorrow, pizza bases as always and a spinach quiche for Sunday lunch. It’s Fathers Day here on Sunday and my boys will be having lunch with my parents and I will call in for afternoon tea on the way home from my market.

Last night, right when I should have been thinking about prepping dinner, I decided I would do some baking. Not a good idea. By the time dinner was ready there was no room to move in the kitchen and once all was finished, the sink was full, the stove covered and the bench looked like a bomb had hit. Before things got messy, I am usually a ‘clean’ cook….

My new mixer is getting a good workout and I am loving it. It’s red, and awesome!

20130830-205437.jpgI am looking up recipes that need serious beating just to use it. With only one bowl for the mixer, its bath time in between recipes


I did end up with a yummy, but soft, rhubarb shortcake and some chocolate biscuits.



Happy TGIF! The weekend is here and is promising to be beautiful and warm…. hitting a lovely 20+C for both days.
Welcome Spring!


5 responses to “Food Friday

  1. I LOVE food… and this blog!


  2. Wow, that looks great! (Love the red mixer.)


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