Pelverata Falls – the goat track to a photographers paradise.

It was time to take the camera out again for a trip. And I was after any excuse to test out my new camera bag. I had seen this particular satchel in the bag shop ages ago and fell in love with it. Getting a birthday voucher from said shop made the decision easier so I bought my own birthday present. Given the rain we have had lately, a waterfall was suggested and once I make up my mind I am set on making it happen.

After a midnight night and very little sleep on Saturday I rose to an overcast Sunday morning with hints of rain. I hoped not so we could still make the most of our trip to see the waterfall we hadn’t visited since the eldest was still a a baby. After dropping him off at work we headed to our destination. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere – bush, farms, and empty paddocks – we found the turn off. One km to the car park. Easy. And then the moment of truth. 3 hrs return. Not too bad, but we didn’t realise then the state of disrepair the track was in.
Having a drink and a bite to eat we organised cameras and the dog and started off.

The beginning, just a basic track through the bush. The middle, steep, rocky sections and close to the end, the goat track appears.
We came out of the bush and walked along the edge of the hill. Near vertical on the left side and a lovely vertical drop to our right with the track itself barely more than a for wide. Only enough for one person at a time. And not a dog wandering back and forwards between us all.
There were one or two spots where there was nothing between you and the drop. Scary stuff.
Photo taken by hubby.

The dog certainly surprised a few people – who expects to see a feisty black dog just wandering around the bush where we were?? – but was otherwise well behaved.

Wen we arrived at the falls themselves we were in for a surprise. They had erected a lookout! Bah. You can’t get decent pictures that way, but the track to the base of the falls and the lower areas had been eroded so they were playing it safe.
However, we decided that we would rather be at the bottom on the rocks.
Hubby found a way to get down and off we went. Clambering over the boulders and being careful of the slimy rocks, we got our pictures spending well over an hour there.



We looked through each of our pictures doing our own critique. What we liked and what could have worked better. When I first got the camera hubby tried to teach me how to use it. Aside from being stubborn, I wasn’t in the frame to learn. I was happy to do things my way. Fast forward a few years and I am ready to make full use of the camera’s abilities. My camera has several settings for changing either the aperture (light) or shutter speed and I have been playing with those. And apparently getting it wrong most of the time.
Hubby was very patient Sunday night and showed me a few other things to look at. There is a manual mode where I can adjust both plus over or under expose the picture and the camera will show me before I actually press the shutter what it will look like.
This suddenly made so much sense and I am now even more excited to take pictures and test out what I can do. I may be slow at picking things up, but once I get it, I run full speed and maximise my new found knowledge.
Hubby has reignited my passion for my camera.

Photo from hubby.


Hoping your weekend was fun 🙂


9 responses to “Pelverata Falls – the goat track to a photographers paradise.

  1. Wow! Definitely awesome. What an adventure! Do you have any big carnivores over there in the woods?


  2. I wish my backyard looked like those pics!


  3. Love the photos! That looks like an amazing walk 🙂


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