Sunday Roaming

On the way to market this morning the sun was showing some promise, and I was able to stop at ‘Vinces Saddle’ to get some shots – standing in the middle of the highway too.



Sleeping Beauty was looking resplendent with her wintery covering


And the main street of Huonville quiet at 8am with an undecided sky.


27 responses to “Sunday Roaming

  1. Your shots transport me through time and space, Jennifer.
    Thank you.


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  3. Very engaging shots — you always catch the best ones! 😎


  4. man, some of those photos do not look anything like what i picture when i think of Australia….very awesome photos.


    • Most of the country looks like any other. It’s just the desserts and coastline that are different and pretty special – and I think that’s what others think of when they think Aus.
      We don’t have kangaroos roaming the streets or koalas in the backyard.
      Thanks πŸ™‚


  5. Beautiful photos, but not as beautiful as the Tassie Devil.

    (I got the postcard, and this professor is thrilled! I can’t thank you enough! That little guy will be hung up in constant view of this professor. I’m really not sure why I like the Tassie Devil…maybe because we’re alike? πŸ™‚ Anyway, thank you!!!)


  6. Oh super pictures- I love Sunday roaming-we have just roamed the moors this afternoon and I have still to look at my pics!


  7. Undecided sky. I like that!


  8. Lovely photos Jen.


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