Sunday morning, market day

6am. The alarm goes off, and in my semi comatose state fumble around to turn it off, and notice something. It’s pouring. Rain, cats and dogs. Yes! The tank needs it. The market doesn’t.
6.15. Figure if I don’t get up its not going to happen, and realise it’s not that cold. Shower and do some quick thinking to figure on easy but warm clothes.
6.30. Put coffee on to cook, boil kettle for thermos, eat breaky, and sort out my lunch. Pack lunch bag, put everything into the car, dodging raindrops and the dog.
7.00 brush teeth and get in car. Ugh, coffee on minty teeth, 😦 Spend 5 mins trying to get iPod sorted through the stereo.
7.05 finally on the road, the rain gets harder the closer I am to my destination.
8.00 arrive and unpack car. Still dodging the rain and now puddles.
9.00 fully set up and ready for the people. Buy a coffee from the mobile van, do some food stall testing and return to my place.

9am – 1.30 pm. Sit around till finish time. Have lunch, chat with neighbours and friends.
Photo courtesy of Huonville Market Facebook page, and Nicole.


1.45 I’m packed up, ready to leave and head home.
2.30 home and unpacking car. Sort out the kids and have coffee.
3.30 head out with the eldest taking him to work.
4.30 I’m home again, and thinking dinner. General this and that for a few hours.
9.00 back out to pick up son from work.
10.00 home and going to bed.

Hope your day is dry, warm and productive.
Jennifer 🙂

10 responses to “Sunday morning, market day

  1. Wow, what a day. The rain is so depressing…and coffee to top it off…ah!


  2. Reblogged this on MARCATO DESIGNS and commented:

    A typical Sunday when I have a market. The only difference would be in hubby is home and he would be doing the to and from work trip with the eldest.


  3. Heatwave here. (Almost too hot, we’re not used to it!)

    Sounds like you had a productive day. I’ve put some jewellery in a local shop but they are charging high rent so it is a bit of an experiment. I may pluck up the courage to try a market stall.


    • I’m not a lover of the heat, but sometimes I’d rather it. Markets are good fun, and the key is to take each one as it comes. Good luck with the shop venture 🙂


  4. Gorgeous 85F here and I’ve been running around with the top on the car then inside (before and after the car trip) trying to get things done. Now plopped on the couch waiting on the chicken I’ve just put in the oven. Hope it’s good and you’re sleeping well. Deservedly so ❤


    • Don’t rub it in will you?! Seems you’re your usual busy self. Days like this you just feel like saying in bed, or better yet, curled up on the couch, or driving around the place and sitting in a cold hall. 🙂


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