Retro music Monday

Admit it. At some stage, those of us who are old enough to know, still like to get our groove on to old 80’s music. No? It’s just me. Ah well.
Still in tidy mode and clearing things up, I was looking for a new home to 3 boxes of ….cassettes. Yup, you read that right. We still have a portion of the many cassettes that were bought with hard earned teenage money. Who remembers having to do this…

20130624-162131.jpg I think every tape I got out had to be re wound tightened to some degree.
A lot were ruined in a a minor car incident – when the car started leaking and we found them floating on the floor of the back seat one morning. Ok, it wasn’t quite that bad, but they were ruined none the less. And they were the good ones. High rotation kind of good ones.
Not like this one


And with the sun shining, the doors wide open – and no neighbours that close by to be bothered – cranked up the volume. And not just on any old stereo. An old vintage Sony cassette recorder that I bought from a friend for hubby, coz he loves the old stuff. Well, I do too, and the sound is pretty good. A little crackly, but not too bad.


What am I listening to. Some things that are definitely best left in the 80’s and some that are, well, better.
Looking in the boxes, there are two distinct types. Compilation tapes (hubby) and straight albums or “best of’s”. Mine.
Sart by thinking Kim Wilde,Jenny Morris, ZZ Top, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Rod Stewart and they’re the good ones. There are plenty of others, like Boney M (hmm?) Psuedo Echo (I loved these boys, who were HOT as only 80’s pop stars can be), Madonna (me again, all of them now purchased as CDs), Roxette, Cyndie Lauper, Gloria Estefan. And quite a few doozies I’m not going to mention. I think you get the picture. This doesn’t stop me taking on the “dance like no one is watching” thing and believe me, you don’t want to see that!

Lets see what else was in there

20130624-162709.jpg a soundtrack to a movie I haven’t seen, Mozart? and other bits.

20130624-162919.jpg all I see there is Milli Vanilli… ~hangs head in shame 😦 ~

20130624-163322.jpg and a few interesting pieces there. Out of these, Melissa Ethridge has made the transition to cd.
I can’t finish this without including a clip of some sort. But what. Frankie goes to Hollywood, Duran Duran, Milli Vanilli (not sure I’d really do that to you, could be good for a laugh). No, I think a little classic ZZ Top will fit the bill nicely.

What are your faves from the 80’s, were there any??

~From your friendly un cool 80’s chick ~ Jen 🙂

23 responses to “Retro music Monday

  1. Wow, great post. Thanks for reading and following my words and inlooknforward to reading more of yours. My fav from that era? Flash dance – the soundtrack ) best, beth


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  3. Whenever I feel down, I listen to “Whip It” by Devo. Back in the day, I didn’t realize how profound it is. 😉


    • Ha, profound I never thought. As one always thinks they know the lyrics I looked them up to check it out. Very profound indeed. I will hear that one in a different light from now on. Thanks.


  4. Hey! Enough of the old there thanks!! 😉 I still don’t have a cd player in my car, it is a console full of tapes for me….
    I have to say that they are mainly of a more recent vintage than most of these tapes (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Live, Green Day, Jack Johnson etc etc) but I can’t tell you how many of those tapes in your photos are hiding in the back of the wardrobe. 😀


  5. Man, this takes me back, Jen.


  6. I am a closet 80’s junkie. Who doesn’t love to crank up 99 Red Balloons followed by a shot of Ah Ha?


  7. What’s disappointing to me is that I don’t remember (or recognize) hardly any songs of the 80’s. I expect it’s because I was a new mother, with a demanding job and just too stressed out to listen much to the radio. Still, I find it weird that I don’t know hardly any of them!



    • Sad, but understandable. Your mind was somewhere else completely. While I always have the radio or music of some sort on all the time, I have trouble with the 90’s, given I was a young mum then… It was also very grungy by then, so i probably tuned out.


  8. The Cure and Blondie. Awesome!


    • Being the youngest of four meant I had a lot of very different influences by the time I was getting into music. One was into Blondie, Madonna etc, another was The Cure and U2 and such like and my brother was Deep purple, Frankie goes to Hollywood etc. he is still a mad metal fan.
      Blondie rock, the Cure were an acquired taste I think.


  9. Hands down my favorite cassette tape from the 80’s was Beach Boys, sounds of summer I think it was called….I don’t even own a cassette player! Although I realized a couple months ago…..I don’t even own a CD player anymore (at least I don’t own one in the house, I still have the one in my car)! It’s crazy dude, without realizing it we’ve gone completely digital, everything is Itunes, MP3, Ipads, Ipods, and the like. What a strange world.


    • Lol, that’s insane. I love still being able to crank up the CDs. My boys are all very iPod, I have some on my iPad, but I’m still way too old school. And we also have a record player. It needs a bit of work, but still….
      Beach Boys were the epitome of summer music weren’t they, summer, surf and girls….


      • Yup….I listen to anything by the Beach Boys and I’m ready to put my sunglasses on and head to the beach to check out the gi— I mean to go to the beach and catch some rays 😉

        other favorite summer music; ANYTHING by Bob Marley, Sublime (Yea I am a young’un), Shaggy, and Sugar Ray 🙂


      • All good music there.


  10. Ah yes, that was my era too, I was born in 1970, so my whole teenage years were in the 80s. There are some tracks that I’m kind of sick of hearing now because they’re on every 80s compilation ever made, and always get played on the radio whenever there is an 80s session, but some have definitely stood the test of time for me. I still love Blondie, and the Eurythmics (except perhaps Sweet Dreams which is one of the overplayed ones), if I fancy a dance then The Communards always get me to my feet, Madness, Peter Gabriel…hmmm, actually there’s loads, I’ll leave it at that or I could be here all day!


    • I get that too, some songs I love, like sweet dreams, but are definitely over played. And why is it, with all the a-may!-zing songs they had back then do they always the same ones on their 80’s sessions. Loved the Communards with his high pitched voice, Peter Gabriel, oh so much fun… Might have to go again tomorrow….plenty more to listen to.


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