What was I thinking…?

This is from another sheet of paper in that pile of crazed teenage creative writing I hunted out. I really have no idea what I thinking when I wrote this. I have done a very small re-write, the bulk of it is the same.

(I can’t even think of a name for it)

The moon shone through the trees,
Yet they remained dark,
No silhouette to be seen.

The wind blew gently,
Like a puff of air on a feather,
And I knew it called to me.

I heard my name,
It wanted me, needed me,
To go, go, go.

I left the house,
Quietly, quickly.

Once beneath the trees,
I felt it, what was happening,
why they needed me.

The breeze stirred suddenly,
The trees rustled and wove,
As if talking, discussing.
I felt the pain,
Quick, sharp.

As I fell to the ground,
The breeze stopped,
The trees silent,
As if in mourning,
Silent, respect for the dead.

Like I said, I have no idea how this poem emerged from the murky depths of my brain. I was not depressed, even in hindsight I didn’t have the same teenage issues that some go through. (My only angst was over boys, which was normal and completely unrequited, ;/).

If any one has any ideas what this may mean, please share your ideas, I welcome any thoughts.

Have a great day 🙂

2 responses to “What was I thinking…?

  1. i dunno….doesn’t sound depressing to me….but then again…so many people have been hating on me lately maybe depressing poems sound happy to me! either way I enjoyed it


    • People just don’t like the questions you’re asking. Haters gonna hate.
      Thank you, I’m not sure what its sposed to be saying, maybe depends on our mood. Someone dies, painfully, seems sad to me.


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