Movie Decisions

I’m after a little help here. It’s not often I get to go to the cinema on my own. And the decision is not usually so hard.
I have to take the car for its service on Thursday and so have a few hours to fill in. What better time to actually get in a movie without worrying about what anyone else wants.

My choices are:
Iron Man 3 – want to, but is it that important right now?
Star Trek: totally not a fan of the shows, but I’ve seen the previews several times now and am really intrigued + I saw some eye candy in there.
Oblivion: not a fan of Tom Cruise, on or off the screen, but I saw some merit in the previews.
Fast and Furious 6: easy choice, of course, fast cars, lots of eye candy, but is there anything else?

Of course there are others, (kids movies, chick flicks and funny stuff) but these are the ones I am line for.
Wat do you think, have you seen any, what would you recommend??

Get that popcorn cookin’
Jen 🙂

2 responses to “Movie Decisions

  1. Seen Oblivion, not too bad. Although very typical Tom Cruise style 🙂
    Pass on Star Trek, never been a fan and not even a catchy preview is going to change my mind.
    Iron Man!!! One blogger hinted last week that it’s worth to sit through the credit 🙂 plus it’s got Robert Downey Jr. That in itself is enough 😀


    • Lol on Iron Man. I have to agree the eye candy is pretty good. As for stat trek, my response has been the same each time I see the preview “ooh, cool movie, oh, it’s Star Trek” so its still on the list. I realised after I posted I had to check the times and which cinema they’re in, which will ultimately decide what happens. ;-/


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