Scallop Pies

I had always wanted to have a scallop pie, and the trip to Ross last week was the perfect place to start.  We went for another ride yesterday and when we stopped for lunch the sign stating “homemade pies” caught my eye. Yes, scallop was on the list.  That was my choice.
Heading home again, we passed another cafe – with a very good reputation – that proclaimed it had “the best scallop pies in Tassie”.  Hubby pointed it out and now it is my goal to go back and try one.
I decided right then that I would do my own little Scallop Pie Review and eat as many as I can from different places and rate them. If you sell a scallop pie, I want to eat it. Bakeries mainly will sell them, a national pie making brand I think has some, and anywhere else that advertises their pie making skills.
I’ll even be putting the results on the “My Food Adventures” page for you.  Aren’t I nice?

Each pie will be judged on pastry, amount of scallops, the sauce (usually a curry) and the overall taste and feel of it, tallying the five to get the final score for each pie.
1 – Quantity of scallop.  Now while I wont be counting each scallop in each pie, it will be based on a scarce to chockas score.
2 – Pastry will be how well or under cooked and how much pastry ends up in my lap rather my stomach. There is a limit to how flaky the pastry  should be.
3 – Sauce will be based on consistency and flavour. Too spicy, too bland, thick and gloopy, too runny…
4 – Value for money. too big, too small, overpirced
5 – Overall taste and feel.  While it may have few scallops it might have good flavour and a yummy sauce which will boost its score. More importantly, it will be a “will I return, and will I buy it again” score.

I am looking forward to more scallop pies. It’s making me hungry now.

Have you eaten a scallop pie, and where did you find the best one?
Any Tasmanian friends (or those that have visited) where have you found best scallop pie?

Happy Pie Eating
Jennifer 🙂

6 responses to “Scallop Pies

  1. Never heard of them, but you’ve aroused my curiosity, Jennifer..


  2. I’ve not even heard of them. sounds yummy!


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