Coffee time


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04042013 - Read and Write

The reason I like coffee is probably the same as Hoops and Yoyo…

Especially when I am drafting a new post.

But when coffee just doesn’t work

I guess I am fine with just reading

Have a great day!

Till then,

Cheers & TTFN~


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3 responses to “Coffee time

  1. I wish I liked coffee. I miss so much joy! It gives me a headache. 😦


    • Bugger. I’m dreading the day my body says no more. I’m already at the ‘none after 8.30 or I’ll be awake all night’ point. But then again, when you drink the real stuff, it makes a huge difference (Australia is big on the instant coffee which is not that tasty overall).


  2. Appropriate share, Jennifer!


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