Who’s reading? what’s been written? and other silly nonsense

Just another post about stuff while I’m thinking about my 2 year blogversary. Why should I be thinking about it, dunno,  just seems to be the thing to do.
ooh, look I’ve been blogging for ~insert time frame here~ now, let’s have a party!!    Ok, that wasn’t called for, but it’s been nearly two years and I have changed, grown and now have more blogs than I poke my keyboard fingers at.  I remember when someone (my sister I think) said she was starting up another one, making it 3 and I was thinking it was too much.  Pah, now I have 4.  What was I thinking?? Obviously I wasn’t, and still aren’t. 

Who’s reading you??
I’m not talking about the masses, the people who just read and follow blogs, or the bloggers that follow.  But family and close friends. People you actually know.  In real life.
Did you have to drag them kicking and screaming into the blogosphere (like WP suggests when starting a new blog) or are they supportive and follow you regardless.

Do they like what you write, and are they prolific commenters, or do they just read and stalk watch from the sidelines.

My mum and sister both have blogs so I know they read it, and I think my dad sees them from comments he’s made occasionally. As for the other sister and my brother I can’t answer for them.

Hubby has said he likes to read it as he likes to look at my photos,  it gives him insight to what I’m thinking, and he likes what I write, plus I’m funny apparently (it’s in his best interests to say nice things) .. Yes, we do talk to each other, but this is a different type of talking.

My kids think I’m weird and don’t really get it, while Mr 9 keeps asking why I’m taking pictures of food all the time (well, not all the time).

What choo writing???
Why do you write your blog?
Why did you start it?
Too many thoughts/opinions running amok in your head, you’re really a writer,  or you just want to share your craft..? (nope/nope, nope and yes)
The reason you blog now, is it the same as when you started? (kinda)
Have you changed your ideas, or just expanded them? (expand?! I’m trying to shrink, not expand..grr.  oh, ideas. yeah, have none of those generally)
Do you have more than one blog for different aspect of YOU?  (yup, that fits the bill!! )

And other silly nonsense
Stats put pressure on me.  Sure I like reading them, but I don’t pay too much attention to them.
Take this for example.. in my first year of blogging, 8 mths (May-Dec) I had 1729 views.   In my first full 12 months I had 8590 and in the first 3 months of this year I’ve already had 1788.   Not bad, but if I crunch them around a bit,  this means I have to get an average of 188 views a week to equal all of 2012’s numbers.
Sure it’s possible, but my numbers generally go nowhere near that.
Pressure like that.  I don’t need.
So I look at them for a base guide and nothing else.
I am an acquired taste (hmm,?) so unless something amazing is written and WP think I am worthy of FP then … well who knows.

And another thing, completely unrelated to blogging, but related to me..
I am incredibly proud of my eldest son, 16.  His insight and comments about a certain topic were highly mature and I nearly cried (gawsh, you just a big sook).  There is hope for him yet, lol ;

Have a great week, and some more coffee  🙂


4 responses to “Who’s reading? what’s been written? and other silly nonsense

  1. Of course there’s hope for your son; he comes from superior stock!


  2. I think there’s maybe couple family members that quietly stalk me but other than that its just strangers 🙂 But then again my blog is different from the normal writings 🙂


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