Metric vs Imperial

I grew up with metric measurements so why do I still see and say things in imperial.

I know what a 9lb baby is but not a 4kg one.
If you said someone was 6ft I get it, but not 180cm.
I talk in feet or inches as compared to metres.
I know the 1/4mile in drag racing but all other distances are kilometres.

I use metric for weights in baking,
Body weight/bathroom scales is metric all the way.  Metric sounds so much better.  I’d rather be 70kg than 160 lb. (either way it’s too much).

My 9 yr old recently just stated something went 4ft – now where did he get that notion from. And how does he even know how far it is.

Is this just me, or do other people have the same weird tendencies?

Jen 😉

8 responses to “Metric vs Imperial

  1. I share your eccentricities, Jennifer.


  2. I’m european so I have grown up using metrics and now i’m married to american and live on army post…everything is in imperial. Confusing. I have an idea hopw long/heavy something is but still have to use a converter for some stuff. I completely agree about the scale…I almost had a heart attack once when they took my weight in the clinic in lbs and started protesting till i realized it was in lbs


    • So does this mean it is only the Americans still being imperial. I wasn’t sure, and I really wasn’t expecting this response..
      Thanks, I just remembered, although I don’t use it. We used to have a front shop, and the old biddies would ask for a lb of this or that, so I still have that in my head, roughly converted to 500gr. (2.2lb to the kilo)


  3. Here in New Zealand, we’ve been metric for as long as I can remember, but I think people will always refer to babies in pounds.


    • I agree, when my second was born they said his weight in kilos and i immediately asked what it was in pounds, and none of them had a clue. I had to look it up myself. But two years earlier it was all pounds.


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