Easter Buns

Ahh, that coffee is soo good.  Now where was I, yes.  So Good Friday has come and gone (or you’re still in it depending on where you are) and a Good Friday it was. I finally got my sleep in, took a nice long walk and did some Easter baking. I’m glad I didn’t post this yesterday now, as the end product worked much better the second time round, at 10pm. Go figure. I think the whole kitchen was warmer after dinner so the yeast was more comfortable.

I was thinking titling this ‘buns in the oven’ but that has a complete other meaning and I didn’t want to freak anyone out.
Easter baking. Hot cross Buns in particular.  I was looking around my favourite cooking site to see what recipes I could use for my hot cross buns when I remembered the one I had last year.  Perfect, now to actually find it. Two pieces of paper photocopied from the newspaper.  Thankfully they weren’t hidden too far into the pile of recipes I had re located.
As is the way with yeast cooking, there is always down time while things are rising so I needed to make sure I had up to 3 hours to do this job. Yup, 2.5hrs+

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of peel in my mixed fruit, so I chose to make a mix of sultanas and glacé cherries. Keeps most of us happy (my boys are fussy and at least one of them won’t eat fruit bread or sultanas) and no one seems to miss the peel.IMG_6679
Starting a blog post while things get started is always fun, the post gets muddled up with all sorts of comments like the one that folllows
…Ooh, look out, the yeast mix has gone all frothy, I best get back to mixing.
Ten minutes later. Dough mixed, kneaded and now sitting in a warm place rising. While I fold washing and other mundane chores for up to 90 mins…

Why is it, that when I am ready to sit and have some lunch and more coffee, the buzzer goes off and I knead my buns. (Yes I went there)
Ah well, my bad timing.
My buns were not in very good shape, and were not the best reuslt I could have asked for, Yummy, yes, but really not so good as HCB.


These are laughable now, while I was not impressed yesterday, today they are wose than laughing stock.IMG_6685It did taste pretty good, hot and fresh with melted butter.

I had to make more. I’m not feeding an army, nor is family going to be here. I just had to do it again.  And besides, what ever is not eaten will get frozen to eat when ever I feel like fruit bread.
And this is what they are supposed to look like in the process. Nicely risen in the bowlIMG_6690And looking like buns ready to bake. Funny how that works when you actually roll them into buns that they look like them.


Hot Cross Buns, take 2. very good, I’ve just finished a toasted one for breakfast.

Have a fun and safe Easter, and if you’re working, suck it up. That’s how she rolls. (Hubby is at work, so I can say that about him at least)
Jennifer 🙂




8 responses to “Easter Buns

  1. Great buns, baby!
    (I couldn’t resist, Jennifer.)


  2. I’m not a huge fan of hot crossed buns but yours really do look delicious, even the first batch! Happy Easter. 🙂


  3. My dear, your have such lovely buns! 😎


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