Where are you, and what are you doing???

“In the kitchen, and I’m baking”
“What, you’ve got nothing to say to that…?”
“You just sound too happy to be a proper house wife…”
Such is the start of the phone call when hubby rang tonight.
Apparently I’m not sposed to sound so happy. You know what I say to that? Laugh, a lot!

I might like being in the kitchen, but he doesn’t. I was busy, he was on speaker phone, and “I’m going to leave you in the kitchen, I’ve got to get the charger…” And ran out the door.
His reply was to “get him out of there…” Ha, as if that’s going to happen.

I have a friend coming round tomorrow and I decided that I had to do lots of baking. I was prepared to make another item or two but suddenly got really tired….2 lots of biscuits (cookies) and a quiche (will do dinner duty for Mr 9 and I also) and I did all the dishes as well. Chose the better option of doing them now instead of in the morning.
I started the morning with beautiful scenery and finished it off with a baking frenzy….

Chocolate peanut butter biscuits, coconut macaroons and a bacon/ham quiche with seeded mustard as I had no fresh herbs…(hope it tastes ok?)


It’s going to be an interesting week. Mr 14 is at camp til Wed, Mr 16 will be at is girlfriends house for dinner tomorrow night. Wednesday night everyone is home, Thursday, Mr’s 14 & 9 have a student fee day before Good Friday (we’re going into town) and Mr 16 is working til late after school, so come Friday I’m going to try and sleep in before making some hot cross buns. Mr 16 is working most of the weekend and then will be at a friends on Monday/Tuesday and I’m yet to hear whether my sister will be down for Easter or not. So it’ll be either be very quiet or very busy. Typical. All or nothing. Then back to school on Wednesday. I think I’ll be ready by then.

At least I’ll have 3 weeks before the next market and there will some rest on the weekends… Some.

Have a fun week 🙂


10 responses to “Where are you, and what are you doing???

  1. whiteladyinthehood

    The food looks delicious!


  2. Thanks, enjoy your week, Jennifer!


  3. Phew. Busy, busy!

    Wish I was close enough to pop over for tea.


    • So do I. I’d love to have some blogging guests… I’m looking at a recipe for a Swiss roll, I inadvertently said I’d make one for Easter after reading a blog all about them… Have I bitten off too much? lol


      • Sounds lovely.

        I don’t think I’ll make it to Tasmania though. Hubby won’t go to France!


      • You can come over on your own…
        Why won’t hubby go to France, food, language or simply the flying aspect?


      • True I could. I do go places without him.

        No particular reason he doesn’t travel, just can’t see the point. I cannot relate to this at all, so we just have to agree to disagree. He is quite happy for me to go off places with my friends though while he has the kids, so it’s ok.


      • Wow. I don’t get it either. But some people are quite happy where they are, and then there are those like us who want to get out and go. 🙂


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