Dam Monsters

Mr 9 has taken a liking to a show on tele called River Monsters. Actually it’s more like an addiction. He tapes it every night as he misses half when he heads to bed and the first thing he does on returning he from school (after jobs of course) is watch the rest of it.

When we first saw it a few weeks ago we initially said ‘no, that’s not suitable for you’ but after watching for a bit longer we also became hooked (I know, bad pun). Which is funny, as we are not that interested in fishing ourselves.
The presenter is a Biologist and extreme fisherman. Going after the big ones. The ones that are more monster than fish, following tales of people being taken by these River Monsters. Searching them out and solving the mysteries. And all with in the constraints of a tv-hour time frame.

My parents have a large dam on their property so Mr 9 asked if he could go fishing while dad (hubby) did lawn mowing. Hunting out the rod and tackle box, (i think dad did all the work though) he was set and ready to go.

Hubby showed him how to cast and reel back in and the idea was to let him practice that for a while. Considering the only thing in dam would be an eel, if there were any left there at all, catching something would have been a miracle. And include a freaked kid as well I think.
I know swimming it in the dam as a kid and feeling the eels on our legs was fun but creepy. Imagine if your caught one by accident.


I took a few pictures and then wandered around keeping an eye on him. When hubby returns home form work in a fortnight they are going to cast off the jetty. Now that will be fun to watch. There are fish in the sea after all.
Boys all finished, and of course the dog is with his mates…


Happy fishing (for compliments or otherwise) 🙂

6 responses to “Dam Monsters

  1. Beautiful pics and prose, Jennifer!


  2. Eels — Ewww! My grammy used to catch ocean eels at our summer cabin — she would walk back up the bank to the tiny little lawn in front, far enough from the water to ensure the eel won’t escape. Then she would grip the line, about four feet back, and start whacking the eel on the flagstones, until it quieted down. Not until it was dead — I remember how horrifying the stove encounter became — Grammy would throw the eel into a hot frying pan and it would squirm and flop until she cut it into pieces — then some of the pieces kept flopping. Awful!


  3. whiteladyinthehood

    I have seen that show, but I think only once or twice. (My husband’s favorite thing to do is fish)


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