Dr Phil and your teen

It is one of those crappy weather days, misty horrible rain that makes it annoying to be outside. Not cold, just yucky. So I took the opportunity to watch a show I recorded last night. And to chill for a bit. Well one hour turned into 2.5 as the end of Masterchef followed and then Dr Phil. I am not one to just watch tele, I have very few shows I watch and was not really paying attention, but the theme caught my eye. Lying Teens. Ok, let’s check this out.

You don’t need to know what happened on the show but at the very end, he mentioned a quiz to see how well you now your teen. My eldest was in the room and got all excited and said ‘look it up, let’s do it!’
Ok then. Feeling a little apprehensive. You never know if you want to know what they’re thinking or you if have absolutely no idea. A good chance to gain some honestly and trust (if lacking) and work on your communication.

The quiz says the questions can be answered as yes or no, but then the bottom says ‘if you answered yes or no…’ Haha, they are not phrased to be answered yes or no. I “quizzed” both my teenagers, the nine yr old can wait a bit I think, and then got them to ask the same questions of me. Essentially they me well enough, even with 16yr old brain answers peppering most of the questions…

Lets say I know my teens well enough, and am pretty happy with the result. They still talk to me after all!

The quiz is below, how well do you know your teen?

Dr Phill Teen Quiz

8 responses to “Dr Phil and your teen

  1. My daughter loves watching Dr, Phil!
    Great post!


  2. -grin- Mine is a whisker under 26 so I think I missed the boat on the quiz. But we still talk too so I guess we know each other reasonably well. πŸ™‚


  3. It looks like a great quiz. My oldest is ten, so I can probably wait on this. I think some of the questions are good for right now, too. I’m happy to hear you had good results!


    • I’ve tried to be open and let them know they can talk about anything with us. And while ten is probably young for most questions, some of them are pertinent. Good luck πŸ™‚


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