Chinese nuts??

We had been to visit friends recently and while there she said “I have something for you” Off she went and returned with this bag, “like nuts” she says “eat with a teaspoon”. Ok, cool. I am happy to try new foods, with a few exceptions.
We were heading back to see them today (they weren’t at home) and I figured I had better open the pack and try these ‘nuts’.
OMG! Yum. The smell is an oven roasted nut. The flavour is really hard to describe. Nuts, chocolate, that oven roasted sensation.. Sweet and savoury, but not salty, all rolled into one. I have to be careful not to open my mouth and pour the whole lot in… Quite easily achievable. They might be good sprinkled over yoghurt…breakfast here I come!

Does anyone know what they are? And what the packet says?





8 responses to “Chinese nuts??

  1. Did you ever solve this mystery?!


  2. Maybe you could enter the words written across the bottom into google (I can’t read enough of them from the photo) and see what it brings up? I’m with Hook though, it might be best left unknown…. 😉


  3. Maybe its best if you don’t know…


  4. Maybe take the packet to a Chinese grocery and ask? If you find out, let us know. 🙂


  5. I wish I could read Chinese. I haven’t seen these in Hawaii.


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