Postcards for Kelly


A call out to anyone and everyone, wherever you are in the world. Going on a holiday soon..even better. My friend Kelly has started a postcard wall in her office (currently only from friends and family) and would love to fill every spare inch with the little suckers. If you could possibly spare some change and send her one (or two or a dozen) that would be fantastic!! and I’ll give a shout out to any blogger friends that post one.
If you could share with your friends also = brilliant!

Please post to
Kelly E
C/- Woodbridge Post Office
Woodbridge, Tas, 7162

Ps. A few words on the back would be nice if you could 🙂

26 responses to “Postcards for Kelly

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  2. I think it is a wonderful idea- I have a door of sunset postcards to stop boys walking into it when it was open. Boys all men now but door of sunsets remains. I have posted this on my blog
    Will be posting one out ASAP. Love to know how it all goes!


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  5. Love this idea! I’ll get on to it asap. Came to you from Alex Autin who passed on the info! 🙂


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  8. What a fantastic idea, and much nicer way to personalize your office! I will spread the word. Thank you for stopping by and following my blog bubblemomentpages. Your blog is diverse in topics, interesting and entertaining; loving the package!


  9. I learned about this Postal Project from Heather at A Taswegian in Finland, very cool! Kelly will be receiving a postcard from Texas!

    By the way, I LOVED Tasmania when I was there a couple of years back.


  10. I would love to, however I’m a prisoner in my office, and sucked into doing family things rather than traveling things. Though it’s a great project, good luck to wall of cards ^^


  11. Cool concept, Jennifer!


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  13. Reblogged this on Box of Photos and commented:

    Please help if you can. My friend would love to see postcards from the world over. And if any of my photographer followers have their own pics on a card, that would be awesome 🙂


  14. I’ll get a post up this week 🙂


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