Birthday Baking Frenzy

As you may remember, my youngest had his birthday last week and I finally got back ” into the kitchen” (my elder two love those kitchen jokes) to do some baking.

I was requested to make several things. Mr 8 had brought home a book from the library specially for me to bake from. How kind is that? It was finally decided on Peppermint choc cupcakes, enough to take to school as his ‘cake’ on the Monday. Two batches, 26 needed. Not a problem, cup cakes are easy. And these were. Plus they smelt and tasted even better.

Next up was a slice I had chosen. Jelly chocolate marshmallow slice. Which after all the work I did, turned out looking just like theirs (not as neat, but still) and tasted divine.IMG_5560

Very rich, but very tasty. They consist of a biscuit base, melted chocolate and cream layer, melted marshmallow layer and then the jelly on top. Now this took me all day. The recipe states around half an hour plus setting time. What you soon find out is that the total setting times are 9+ hours. Not very happy about that. We had gone out for dinner and I then had to do the jelly so wasn’t in bed till nearly midnight. Not what I was planning I can tell you.IMG_5582 IMG_5581

The next slice was an impromptu one. While doing the groceries during the week and perusing the jam aisle I made the decision to make a raspberry shortcake. It’s been years since I’ve made one, and boy I miss it. It was as good as ever. Hubby said yes please, but I really don’t need it… This has a semi cake base (baked), covered with jam and topped with a meringue (egg whites and sugar) with coconut mix and baked til lightly golden. Be-u-tiful!!! Lip smackingly good.IMG_5586

For his actual birthday cake he picked out the Victoria Sponge. Eek. I’ve never tried a sponge before. But figured, how hard can it be. I’m not that bad a cook. Ha! Talk about a pancake cake. Flop. Fail. The dog ate it, it wasn’t inedible, it just didn’t rise properly and was more of a slice sponge…   What is was supposed to look likeIMG_5572

Mr 8 looked at the cake, then me and said “where’s my cake?” That’s it. “That’s not what it should look like” No kidding. Here’s another book, pick a cake from it. The one he picked a four layer chocolate thing with cream everywhere. Thanks son, just what I wanted to make. IMG_5584
This one worked and he decorated it with left over marshmallows – yes I know, left overs. But I have more of a savoury tooth, otherwise…

Along with all this I still had to cook lunch – defrost hot dogs and rolls, fry up some bacon, and then do the pizza swirls/pinwheels (pastry with pizza sauce, ham and cheese then rolled up and sliced. Cooked til puffy and golden. Perfect junk food, oozy cheese and pastry.

By memory I don’t recall having breakfast that day but there were several coffees and maybe a blob of chocolate, cupcake mix and gooey marshmallows… now that’s a good start to the day.

What a day. Thankfully they are not all like that. Exhausting, but enjoyable.
Jennifer 🙂


2 responses to “Birthday Baking Frenzy

  1. Jennifer, I’m looking at these desserts and getting very hungry! My downfall has always been a sweet tooth and an enormous appetite. The coconut bars are very tempting indeed! It’s a good thing I’m not able to eat these digital goodies!


    • Ha, me too. Enormous appetite. Maybe it’s a good thing they are digital only, although a scratch and sniff screen would be cool sometimes. Glad you like the look of them. 🙂


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