another blog…?

I have been thinking lately, not sure if that is a good thing, about maybe having a separate blog just for my photos. The idea would be that I still do pictures and their stories here but then have another purely for showcasing photos. Posts would be a title, a location and then just pictures.

There would be some duplicates of what is here but it will be all types of pictures, (from my Marcato blog, and maybe the Woodbridge Market one as well) not just nature. Putting my best pics forward.
Is this a good idea, going for a different genre of follower or is it too much.

I started this train of thought after trawling through all the themes for blogs here trying to find one that i can include some sort of gallery on my page where I don’t have to hassle with codes or needing to change the pictures in a pic widget. (royal PITA). Something that would highlight the pictures, make them stand out.

While my new Marcato blog is good,  I’m still not 100% happy.  The post layout under the top post is not what I want.  I might change it again, probably back to the Twenty Ten theme, although I should upgrade that to Twenty Twelve.
I do like this new layout, Coraline, as the pictures are good, but may go back to a single side widget.

What do you think.  Is a fourth blog worth having a look at, (pun somewhat intended) just for photos or is it too much?

Jennifer 🙂

6 responses to “another blog…?

  1. Well, Jen, I don’t think it’s too much to have a dedicated site for photos. I mean they do better with a different format than for posts that are primarily text. You should go for it! Good luck. I have a hard enough time with just one blog!


    • Thanks, I have to hold back from posting pictures on this blog, being wary of how much is too much. This way I can unleash my inner photographer and not worry, as people will be there to look at pictures. I have 4 blogs already so this would make it 5. Eek. One I rarely post on so it’s not a huge thing. 🙂
      I decided I would go for it after 6 people liked it – I figure that was a green light enough.


  2. If you don’t feel that it would be too much then why not. I’ve seen heaps of blogs that are just photos & I’ve come across some lovely shots of places & things I would not normally have seen. Go for it, if it feels right then it probably is! 🙂


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