Wooden Boats and Hobart Buildings. Part 1

It was just the two of us. Mini date day. Ok, not the most romantic of ‘dates’ but with hubby being FIFO and having three kids busy with social and work lives, any time we get together alone is good.
Where did we go. The Wooden Boat Festival.

We spent an hour or so here yesterday (Friday, without my camera) with our eldest before doing birthday things with number 2. (Happy birthday K, for the first few years you were definitely a whole new experience, but 14 years of your gorgeous smile is worth every minute!)

Today (Saturday) I got my camera “so you can get your pictures” – hubby. Mind you, it is now Monday and I am only just getting round to posting.

The wooden boat festival is on bi-annually and is a mecca for all things boat orientated. From the smallest dinghy to surfboards to the largest sailboat. If it can used on the water they have it here. And then there are the books, and other merchandise, displays, engines. The list goes on. Oh and don’t forget the food stalls, ice creams and coffee and lots of seafood stalls. Of course.

Yesterday they had boats from the smallest to the very largest of all – a cruise ship was berthed.

After parking we walked through the city and headed towards the water, playing tourist and asking pictures along the way. Of what? Some of the heritage (?) beautiful buildings we have here in town.
This will be a two part post as I have so many pictures, they will be mixed up, so stay tuned for the next instalment.



20130211-144013.jpg map of the wharf, wooden boats from one end to the other.
Huon pine boards, and yes this is their true colour. A beautiful warm golden.


20130211-144224.jpg Divers playing naughts and crosses.


20130211-144406.jpg my dad’s engines

20130211-144455.jpgand hubby’s claim to fame.


20130211-144605.jpg kids busking, they were pretty good.



20130211-144732.jpg school groups building boats on the ice skating rink (yes, that is what I said, it’s all fake, obviously, it’s summer here. We do have a real one in the northern suburbs)


And non self portrait – hubby seems to have a fixation on my tattoo.


Have a great day and I’ll sail past tomorrow with some more pictures 🙂


7 responses to “Wooden Boats and Hobart Buildings. Part 1

  1. So cool!
    Great work, Jennifer!


  2. Great post! My favorite photo is the diver playing tick-tack-toe with the kid!


  3. Great pics Jennifer. I’m not much of a sailor but that looks like a lot of fun.


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