What a day!

After a chilly start the day ended up being absolutely beautiful. And I was over dressed and ended up being so bloody hot. Dammit, I can be so blonde sometimes, how long have I lived here and yet I still can’t figure out the weather.
After losing my son and his friend – they were watching the clown show and hubby just didn’t go there – they took off to said friends house to the pool (“I am soo hot, I need a swim!”) on the condition they didn’t detour (not likely) and that I would pick them up later (later came later than expected).

I choofed off down the hill and found entertaining in progress, “yes i’ll stay for a drink, don’t open anything specially though” chatting for a bit then as I am dog tired I hassled the boys to get ready… ” stay for another” No. “Go on…” No. “Oh dear, look its already open you have to now” she says as the lid is flicked into the bin. Bugger, ok then. Still tired, I make my leave as soon as I’m able (threatening friend wont be coming if they bugger about, works a treat) and drive the 500mt back up the hill to my house. Half finished drink in the console.

I munch on some chips and guacamole while I get stuck into the net. Trawl through the emails that have multplied tenfold since this morning, returning to those I read (giving you an extra number on your stats bar) to comment, check out the twit and FB, pour a glass of red, work out what hubby will do for dinner – yes I got the night off, no he didn’t cook, that won’t happen in a hurry – as he heads out to pick up someone from work at KFC, yuum…. And keep trawling.

Phone rings… “What are you doing?” Slowly getting pissed with a glass of red. “What, first you have cruisers now a glass of wine?” Haha, yes I have a wine, I’m drinking slowly, enjoying it.
And writing some kind of blog while I think of what I am going to write for real, maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow.

Have a great evening, or morning to my northern friends 🙂


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