Broad Beans anyone??

For those of you who didn’t click away and look for something else I have a little surprise. Broad beans are actually quite nice. But only if you get them when they are small and fresh, and sweet. To do this you’d have to get them straight from the grower (thanks mum and dad), grow them yourself (yeah, same thing) or find a really good grocer, or fruit and veg place.

Most of us do not have good memories of the critters, usually way over cooked and being large and old, really bland and icky. Some things take a while to leave our memories, but when I was asked if unwanted any I figured, well, as they are young, I’m happy to give them another try.
I’m glad I did.

My household shrunk to just Mr 8 and me, so I said its a ‘your choice’ dinner. As usual, he took the two minute noodle choice. Yeah mine choose the veges every time, Not!

I cut thick slices of ham, capsicum (bell pepper) and shallots, and stir fried with lots of garlic then added the two minute noodles (minus the flavour sachet, they are quite versatile) and broad beans with a blob of chilli sauce.
*Once the noodles were boiling I tossed in the beans to blanch rather than fully cook them.
And in five minutes I have a somewhat healthy dinner, that is tasty to boot.


Now, if this encourages just one person to try them again, then I have succeeded in boosting bean self esteem.
What have you tried years down the track and realised it wasn’t as bad as you thought?

Jennifer 🙂

10 responses to “Broad Beans anyone??

  1. I wrestled with beef tongue growing up…my mother tried to tell me it was regular beef but I knew better. Now older and wiser I actually like it very much and learned to cook with it several years ago. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Jennifer, I really enjoyed this post and wondered if you were interested in submitting this post to a new event called Our Growing Edge. The event aims to compile a monthly snapshot as to what bloggers are doing in terms of new challenges with food. This monthly event aims to connect and inspire us to try new things.

    A growing edge is the part of us that is still learning and experimenting. It’s the part that you regularly grow and improve, be it from real passion or a conscious effort. 

    I hope you can make it. More info can be found here: 


  3. Spinach!

    I think my mum must have fed us lukewarm, floppy, canned stuff as kids because I remember it being utterly horrible. Nowadays I buy the bags of fresh baby spinach and grow it in the garden too!
    It is nice on sandwiches with cream cheese and I also use it in salads and in in my secret spag bog recipe. Yum!


    • That sounds gross, at least you have gotten over it. Maybe I haven’t totally, I only eat spinach/silver beet in quiche. I make a really good one. I sometimes use the baby spinach in a mixed salad. I am not a gardener, no matter ow much I’d like to be.


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