New Norfolk and driving pictures

I took a little drive with the kids on Monday to visit a friend in New Norfolk, taking my camera along as I do. But then a strange thing happened. I was completely uninspired to take any pictures. And here I am writing an uninspired post.
I was hoping for some nice pictures of the river that cuts through the town, the paper factory (Boyer, owned by Norske Skog) and the old mental institution, Willow Court.
Nothing, I got a few pictures but nothing amazing, and let my son take pictures as we drove home. He made some interesting choices.






We checked out an antique shop full of the most amazing things, not many usable pictures from that either, except the one about credit ^^.

My sons couple of pictures, including one of the paper mill.






Have a great day and I hope to have something a bit more inspiring next time.
Jennifer 🙂

8 responses to “New Norfolk and driving pictures

  1. Thanks for taking me along on your mini-journey, Jennifer!


  2. Hi, Jennifer. These are lovely shots of a perfect-looking. small city. They could be from anywhere in Maine, but for the flat land.


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