Christmas and Family G & T

Oops, it’s Sunday, a day late, but I can be forgiven as I’ve just had my brother and sister here with one partner and all their kids. So I’ve been busy. Really?! Eight extras for a week.

This week’s G & T

– Over 9 or 10 days with extra kids from ages 9 down to 2 (my eldest 2 stayed well clear most of the time) and 3 more adults there were no major upsets or arguments, and everyone pitched in mostly to help out with cooking and cleaning up, and only 1 thing broken – considering these kids just did not stop.

– I am kind of proud of myself. I love my kitchen, and keeping it clean (not the oven, but who does that?) and tidy. With all these people and therefore things and food and stuff spread across the kitchen and dining table for most of the time, I did not lose the plot and go postal about the mess. I let it roll, but then again I had to almost fight to do the washing up. So many helpful hands. I was told off about not sitting down, but I like washing up.

– I love that I have the oldest of all the kids. I rarely had to worry or hassle them about their behaviour and could concentrate on other things – like enjoying the company of my brother, his wife and my sister. They were pretty good and when we went out they played with their cousins and showed me they are nice teenagers.

– Everyone has their own discipline style. They do what suits them and their personalities and that is fine. Hubby and I are at the stricter end of the scale, giving firm boundaries. I like that my brother and his wife are of the same persuasion. One sister is very loose and relaxed (her 3 kids are as well behaved as ours) and I have no idea about our other sister. But with one child, I would think a lot of things are easier…

– and then just this morning a friend rang and asked if we wanted to go the movies with them this afternoon as they had extra tickets. Good timing, as I had just mentioned about how much i would like to see the exact same movie.

We have good friends and a wonderful family ❤

Jennifer 🙂


2 responses to “Christmas and Family G & T

  1. You did good for the holidays – congratulations! I really don’t miss the holidays with my side or my in-laws. Seeing just my daughter has been so much easier on my nerves.



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