Saturday G & T Post

No, I am not talking about the alcoholic beverage. Not a fan, well of the T part anyway. I’m talking about Gratitude and Thanks. I’m changing it ever so slightly. But are they not the same in essence anyway?

This week has been busy beyond busy which is fine. I can deal with that. But on Tuesday a curve ball came hurtling my way and I had trouble – at least on that day – keeping hold of it.
Most of the time when things go astray I re adjust what I have to do to accommodate it and move on. It was really hard to do that this week. Mainly because it was a very personal and emotional curve ball.

Hubby ended up in hospital instead of coming home. I was a emotional wreck. I felt useless. I was the longest day either of us have had for a long time. If he was in Hobart, that makes it easy to deal with, I would have been there with him. Even if the morphine didn’t allow him to notice.
So my G & T for this is that he was still in the hotel and not midway into the first leg of his flight when the pain hit. He was transported and well looked after. I was looked after by my friends.

I am extremely G & T for the maturity my son showed on the prospect of end of school parties and not wanting to attend. While we weren’t going to say no to him going, we are happy that he made that decision himself.

I am G & T for hubby and that he is who he is. Would I be here otherwise??? Seriously. I love that he loves is job. It would be selfish of me to ask him to do anything else.
Loving his job, and always seeking out more knowledge has now afforded him a fantastic opportunity where he is currently doing some work overseas. Yep, the last 3 weeks has also been about him getting his passport and getting ready for a new adventure.

This may ruffle some feathers, and is slightly political, but I am grateful that I live in Australia.
The last major gun issue we had was 16 years ago at Port Arthur. America unfortunately has had several ‘high profile’ (as in everyone now knows) shooting rampages in just a few months. Now I know nothing of your whole freedom to carry arms etc but I feel a hell of a lot safer here knowing that some loony is not going to suddenly jump out with a gun. Very simplistic yes, but I feel that the more weapons that are available the more issues you are likely to have. Even though, as in most cases, it is just a few who ruin it for the rest of the well behaved population.

In memory and love for all those families whose loved ones are not returning, and for the family of the lost soul who couldn’t take it anymore. RIP ❤

6 responses to “Saturday G & T Post

  1. hi, Jennifer. You have written a lovely and powerful list, and you obviously have deep feelings about the happenings of the world. I wish I lived in Australia with you!


  2. I’m sorry you’ve been through the wringer this week, Jennifer. All the best to you and the hubby. Beautiful post, by the way.


  3. Wow… that was gorgeously put. I had not idea that hubs was in hospital. And I am totally with the idea of allowing us all to be able to follow what we love… and have supporting partnerships to allow that. You are fabulous… What an amazing week you have had ❤


    • Thank you. It was nothing too major, a mini kidney stone, but being apart made it feel a whole lot worse. And yes, his boss said that to do his work you have to an UP (understanding partner). By all accounts the Boss man is very cool. And there is more to come on what happened this week in another post….


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