Graffiti & Skate Park fun

As is the way at this time of year, there are lots of get togethers for Christmas and end of year celebrations. Monday was one of those nights. Mr 13’s Air League had a small bbq at a skate park in Hobart. A place I remember fondly (for the eye candy of course, I was not a sk8er girl) from my mid teenage years. Not much has changed except for the calibre of the graffiti. There are tags and then there is real graffiti art. Some of the artists here are really good. Some of my photos are not so much. A person who knows how to use their camera could probably are some doozies, but not me.
The kids bought their scooters, a skate board and a pair of roller blades and had fun, even when the big boys arrived. They were all quite well behaved, big and little boys.










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