Mmm, strawberries

Fresh strawberries that are at the slightly over-ripe stage – smell amazing!!

Picking up 3 up punnets at an insanely cheap price, they were chopped and cooked ready for another day.
Yum!! Perfect with my yoghurt and cereal for breakfasts.



10 responses to “Mmm, strawberries

  1. Oh lovely spring — oh warm and beautiful summer. Now I know how you who live in the southern hemisphere must feel when I go on and on about spring! Enjoy your lovely strawberries. Love from cold, rainy, gray Maine — I just wish it would snow!


  2. Strawberries, mmm.

    Come back Summer!


  3. I love strawberries! Thanks, Jennifer!


  4. Hi
    I have a STAR waiting for you over here yes you have been awarded the Blog of the Year 2012 Award!!!! That will go nicely with the write up in local paper and dessert πŸ™‚



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