A note of thanks

Despite not celebrating Thanksgiving in Australia I decided that today (or is it now yesterday?) I will post this.
I have changed and grown in so many ways over the last year, my blog has changed in subtle ways and I have learnt all sorts of new things…some usable, some not so.
And it is all thanks to you.

Over the last few months I have had lots of new visitors – and followers, Thankyou!! – to my blogs. Even if it is only for one or two posts, you have come along to check it out, and I like that.
To my regulars and long term followers, your support and kind words make me smile and I appreciate the time you take to visit me, (i have this crazy dream to do a blogging world tour and visiting my new ‘friends’) and every time that ‘like’ button is clicked.
There is a little thrill each time I see the notice/star and more so when I see the convo box!!

Thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog – once or many times. Whatever our reasons for blogging we all like love it when others like what we have to say and choose to stick around.

Can I say thanks again??

Hoping everyone’s Thanksgiving wasn’t too traumatic (we all know what family gatherings are like) and for those like me (where it is not on the calendar) hope your day was fantastic!

Jennifer šŸ™‚

14 responses to “A note of thanks

  1. I feel exactly the same way – always a little humbled that complete strangers visit (and even come back) šŸ™‚


    • If I get new followers or a new person comments I will always head over to their blog and say thanks, and have a look round. It is nice when someone finds us, and the wants to return. šŸ™‚


  2. Thank YOU, Jennifer – for everything!


    • Not a problem, I am, at this moment, try to word up a comment for your latest post… First thing in the morning is not the best time to start giggling… Thank You for the laughs.


  3. lol – you know you reminded me that Thanksgiving is actually about giving /thanks/. So thanks for such a nice post and thanks to the powers that be that today was not hot and horrible! I know there’s plenty of those sort of days to come but I’m not looking forward to them.


  4. Dear Jen,

    What a lovely post. I am also thankful for you — you’ve stuck with me for a long time now! I wish you joy and happiness, and continued success in your blogs, your art, and your life. I’m sticking around.


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