Photo Friday – take 2

While I didn’t get to do exactly what I wanted this morning, I still managed to get out and take some pictures.  All 65 of them. The problem now is choosing which ones get published, and how many is too many…? Of the good ones I’m happy to post, that still makes it about 50.
I think for future Friday Photos I’ll have to give myself a theme – or maybe you guys can help.  What do you want to see me take pics of, or rather, what would you like to see pictures of??


7 responses to “Photo Friday – take 2

  1. Love them!
    I takes hundreds each time I pick the camera up and always wonder what to share that would be of interest to another 🙂 at least you slow down to take your photos lol I take my photos most of the time at a pretty good clip 🙂


    • Thanks, I find it’s so easy to take lots of pictures. And slowing down is not a problem… Unless someone else is with me and then I’m always being told to hurry up. Meh.
      And choosing the pics to post depends on what I’m talking about. If there is a story to it, like the caving post, then I have a frame to work within.
      Today’s shots were just things I liked. And the usual experiments. Like that bird, I surprised it out from under a bush, so sat and watched it for a bit. Beautiful long legs it had.
      I’m going to try and get a few city scape shots next week… That will be interesting.


  2. one must have fun, or am i bored, when taking pictures, hence the car shots….


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