Damned website hosts!

A week or more ago I posted about some fact that I would be re blogging post from my other blog over at Vista.
I tried to do this several times, which didn’t work out too well, and in between found another website to sell from (i was having issues with my current one).
The short version is that I have a new website and before I cancel the old one I want to gather up all my blog posts into a nice little bundle and relocate them here. Sounds easy. It probably is. But it’s me you’re talking to, so nothing is ever that easy.

Cut and paste is a pain, and to include all the pictures would mean more headaches than I want to deal with (considering my latest technological frustrations) so I emailed them as asked what they could do for me. Now they are usually very good at replying, within 48 hours, but I have heard absolutely nothing from them.

This only serves to add more fuel to the reasons why I want to leave them. Distinct lack of communication. To show the difference here, I had a small problem on the new site, and within 48 hours, even with time zone differences, the problem was solved and I am happy. Vista have never been that good. Average at best. And the sooner I cancel my site the quicker I can buy that domain name and save a few dollars on the site itself.

I shall try them again, I really don’t want to lose all the gems of weird posts that I was writing.

Hoping your day is going better than mine, although I did get to sleep in.

Jennifer πŸ™‚


6 responses to “Damned website hosts!

  1. I miss sleeping in…


    • What, not even on your days off… Oh, right, the job list is ready and waiting yeah?
      Hubby likes to sleep in when he comes home, considering he is up at 4.30 every morning, 7 is classed as a sleep in.


  2. Sadly, the ones who need to hear us rail against them are never the ones to read what we have to say!


    • That’s true. On one of the forums, there were lots of questions, being answered, but as one said, It was very quiet on responses from the company. Says a lot I think.
      I will be sending another email, but this time with the heading of wanting to cancel. That sort of drastic thing – although true in my case – usually gets a response.


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