Reblogging my own work?

While buggering about on the net this afternoon, well, I was supposed to be working on stuff, but was feeling decidedly lazy and besides the sun was soo warm…ack, who am I kidding? I was actually looking at my old blog and website trying to figure a few things out and then decided that seeing as things are quiet around here I will reblog some of the fantastic stuff tripe I was writing about before I came over to WordPress. There is a whole bunch about when we were travelling from there to here. Mt Isa to Tassie that is. And probably other junk as well.
So starting tomorrow there will be something different. I think also my writing style has changed, for the better? you can be the judge of that, so bear that in mind as you read. If you stick around that long.

Cheers and have a great day 🙂

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