I can feel it. It’s coming!

I can feel it.
Summer is fast approaching.
It’s not the beautiful sunny weather.
Or the light breeze.
It’s not the lawn’s first haircut since winter.
Or being able to sit outside and not freeze.
It’s not the cherry blossom on the trees, or the new flowers coming forth from the earth

It’s not just one of those.
It’s all of them, that combined bring that spring feeling of warmer days ahead.
Which means its also time to clean off the bbq and ready the outdoor setting for use.







Although being spring the weather will be all over the place. Wet and windy one day. Sunny and bright the next so….
Get out and enjoy the sunshine while you can 🙂

10 responses to “I can feel it. It’s coming!

  1. Congratulations — I hope summer down there is as beautiful as it has been for us this year!


  2. YES! And yesterday’s warm-day-plans-for-tomorrow are now halted because it looks like rain. Gotta love this place!
    Love the photos btw – beautiful 🙂


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