Book vs e-reader

Don’t expect this to be some in depth analysis of each and which is better. My regular readers (hahaha, no pun intended) should know better than that.
Rather than wanting to put too many books on the iPad (loads of music’s so much better) I started seriously thinking about a kindle after seeing the new one out for a very cheap price. (plus I only got the 16GiPad, so no room for too any books)

I love to read and there is nothing better than curling up with a paperback on the couch in front of the fire, or snuggled in bed. A kindle kind of takes away the romance out of it. Even a killer thriller.

Book vs e-reader… ?

This was one of those things I had always wondered why you would bother… I had no need for one so I didn’t see the point. Naive, sure, but more of a lack of knowledge and understanding.

E-reader vs book…?

I’m not the best at Internet research. I find it a waste of time. No, rather, time I could be doing other things.
But research I did, and then went into my local Big W to see what they had and chat with the doufus on the counter. Not very helpful except to say that he new lots people with them and they loved them. He was, how shall I put it, not the sharpest tool in the shed, to be the lying-just-to-get-sales person.

Book vs e-reader..?

Needless to say I bought it. Would I be writing this if I hadn’t?
Do I have to say it? I love it.
Sure I only got the WIFI one and it will only hold 1400 books but I love it.
What?! ONLY 1400 books. Surely I don’t need more than that? I think it would take me a while to read that many anyway to worry about another 1600.

Now while I can see the point of the new kindle with colour (pictures anyone?) or the one with a built in key pad, hell even the ‘touch’ one. This is the one I was spoked to get. I just want it to fill with books to read. Nothing more, no net surfing or anything. Don’t need colour to read a book. I don’t anyway. WIFI is all I need, upload at home – and they lied too, well so far, it’s all lies. They said books downloaded in a 60 sec. More like 10! Lol – and then keep it in my bag for reading anytime I like.

I’ve already read 2 books and there are about 25 more there ready to go. And I love it Not, yes you read that right, Not, having a touch pad. It won’t get bumped accidentally and flip about the pages or anywhere.

E-reader vs book…?

Each definitely has their place. It comes down really to personal choice. D you not have room to have lots of bookcases? Or don’t want them. Then yes, you should get one.
Do lots of traveling? Even better. No heavy books to lug around and break your back. Like to read but no room to hide a book at work, it’s perfect.

It is also tiny!! Really, no bigger than my hand. Ok, a little bigger, but it sits comfortably in my hand Plus the battery will last up to two months depending on use. That’s cool, I will probably forget all about it until I need the charger when I have no where to plug it in.

I will still enjoy my actual books, there are several I have bought and not read yet, but this is going to be a well used little investment, and extremely good value for money. (Something else I look for).

Now the weather is crap, sposed to be Spring, but I think winter is having one last Hurrah, so I will take my coffee, my kindle, maybe look for an actual book and head of to curl up under the doona.

Happy reading 🙂

Phone, iPad and kindle…



12 responses to “Book vs e-reader

  1. You, being a mere spring chicken, will not know that you can adjust the font of any book you read. That’s not such a huge selling point yet but wait until you need reading glasses like the bottoms of old fashioned bottles! Then, then you will love your kindle as never before. 😀 Oh and I don’t have wifi so I use the ‘Download to computer’ option on Amazon when I buy new ebooks. The downloads seem to be instantaneous [on ADSL 2] and then I can just copy the file from the pc to my kindle. [If you want to do this, copy the ebook to the Documents folder of your kindle.]

    cheers and happy reading!


  2. Still getting used to my kindle… I miss the pile of books on the bedside table, even if I don’t miss the fines 😉
    The preview feature has been a saviour already, and I know that it will come into it’s own on any flight…
    It’s the future!


    • The few books I’ve read have previews of the next in the collection or something similar… It’s been good. I have not learnt it seems from high school, I still get fines. This will be a good thing for me. And once I have the book it doesn’t matter when I read it then. There is a place to own books, I’ll have to look into that one, no fines or cost…


  3. I love my kindle, I love real books very much but my kindle is a wonderful thing.
    I have one of the first kindles with a keypad. It is not shiny and new or even very cool compared to the newer ones but I still love it. When we go camping I can take more books than I could ever read! YAY!
    How good are the free samples of books? You get to take one for a test ride before you buy. Even better are all of the free books. I have found heaps of them!

    Something I really love is that when I read a book recommendation from another blogger I can just turn on my kindle and either buy it or try it. It is better than writing myself notes and trying to find them in the bookshops weeks later. 😀


    • S far I’ve only got the free ones, and a couple of 99c ones. Payday hasn’t arrived yet. Lol. The ones I’ve read have been really good,a s good as any I could buy. And I’ve found a new author to follow too.

      I’m loving the fact I can now load heaps and if I don’t like one I can easily start another, without the bulk. I haven’t gotten very far otherwise, still playing.
      Looking forward to my big trip next year, long flights will need some entertainment. (not spilling yet, sorry)


      • I know what you mean about payday. I have a book budget and boy, is it hard to control myself!
        I recently downloaded Yesterday’s Gone. It is an apocalyptic series written in episode form for tv. Episode 1 and 2 are free and are REALLY good. As soon as I was finished them I spent a whole 6 bucks for season 1 and am happily reading away now.

        DEAD(ish) was a free funny Australian long story/short novel I read recently too.


      • I’ll be having a book budget and I can see its got to be hard. So much easier to spend when you can’t see the cash… Oops, did I really just spend that much. I’m not much into apocalyptic (you should have seen how I just spelt that one) or sic fi but the Aussie one sounds like it might be ok.


      • If you type ‘free’ into the search in the kindle store you will see many pages of free books of all kinds. Many of the old classics are free, I have a bajillion of them I will probably never get around to reading. Doesn’t matter, they are mine… Mine, I tell you!! And for freeeeee!….. mwah ha ha…. 😀


      • Oh yeah, I start with the free ones. That was about the first thing I tried! Lol. And my thoughts exactly, all mine, and Freeeee!! 😀


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