Spring time scenery

Before I show you all the cool pics I took while we were ‘on holiday’ at the local caravan park I have somnething else to show.
They say small things amuse smnall minds, but those that know me and have followed anything I’ve said on FB will know how happy I am to show this picture.

Tradies arrive and I get to briefly see my cooktop before we leave the house and when I get back, 36 hrs later, there she is. Looking beautiful and shiny. Ready for me to cook up a storm.
I do have to re arrange a few things as there is less space, but that’s a small price to pay.

isn’t she beautiful. Well I think so. I am easily pleased…

Ok, onto the slideshow, there are about 30 pictures so it may take awhile. sorry. Flowers, beach, birdies, water…all in my usual form.  It was the perfect afternoon for a walk.  Slightly overcast, not to warm, no wind.
Included is a picture of the monument and a sign regarding the horrific ’67 Fires which wiped out a lot of property and unfortunately, more than one life.  My eldest sister was still a babe in arms at the time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy 🙂





6 responses to “Spring time scenery

  1. Lovely slide show, Mr. 13 taken with the bottle brush! Where is the memorial? Looks quite ‘nice’ (not the most appropriate word…), might have to take the men there next time we’re in Tassie 🙂


    • Thanks. The memorial is at Snug, right near the beach. We thought they had not finished the building until we got close enough to see all the boards with stories and info on the fires. Nice is as good a word as any. It is a very touching look at what happened with a short walk ending (or starting, probably where you should start I would say) with the frame work.


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