Good morning Sunshine

The start of another beautiful day. Which didn’t always work the way I wanted. Got some pictures with my iPad, then decided I would get better ones with the camera. No memory card, so that didn’t work and by then the sun was too far gone so I gave up.
Back inside and make my coffee…really looking forward to it. As usual. Euck! What’s with the milk. It’s not off, well it’s in date and there’s no lumpy stuff. It just tastes awful. Down the sink and I think there will be a small detour n the way o the airport this morning. It tasted the same last night too… Hmm, wonder what that’s about?

Back to another beautiful day, it’s overcast here, but a promise of some sunshine later. And my piccies of what the sun shared with me this morning.




13 responses to “Good morning Sunshine

  1. My God, those shots are gorgeous!


  2. Lovely photos — and a demonstration of why we live on the earth, and maintain faith that one day she will be healthy again. If we miss a beautiful morning, the next one, though different is equally beautiful! 😎 I had to dump my milk today, too! 😎


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