Of course on the MB & CL blog there may well be more stories of kids and dogs and other such stuffs….maybe even some food if you’re lucky.


Hi everyone, I know I’ve been out of action blog wise lately, but I have been insanely busy (and with all sorts of blog words running thought mind waiting to be put to paper, or screen as it is, but no time to actually do it) getting ready for my 3 day Art Trail.

I was going to say that I will be logging on Monday after my Art Trail has finished and I can relax, but I received that phone call today which means I wont get time to do anything til Tuesday evening or Wednesday. Although, depending on how busy I am I may start a post on the weekend.
The phone call I received… I’ll tell you all more next week, but essentially the power will be cut off early Monday morning not to be returned until school time Tuesday afternoon so we are being kicked out…

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  1. Hope the 3 day Art Trail goes fantastically well for you, my friend. Sounds like great fun.


    • From what I can tell it is great fun. I just wish I would be able to actually go and visit some of the other artists… Oh well. I love meeting those that come to me though 🙂 thanks.


  2. All the very best of luck, Jen, and I hope you have a blast! I’ll be thinking of you. 😎


    • Thanks Judith. I can’t wait, and wondering if I’ve bitten off more than I should…? Or if I have enough stock even..? Too late now to worry about it though, I have more earrings to make and some bracelets, but they are easy to make in quiet moments anyway.


      • I am sure, once people begin to see your jewelry, you are going to run out of stock. A suggestion: print up some photos and put them in a binder. Make order forms — people may ask for different colors, stones, etc. As long as you have a little stock on the table, and an order book and forms, people shouldn’t mind too much if they can’t buy something that day. Also, you would be making their piece specifically for them, which will please them, and could allow you to add to your current prices. A lot to do, but I think it might really help. Good luck!


      • I do have an album with pictures in it. It might just be an idea Judith, wish you’d said this last week though…lol I will implement it as best I can with the limited time left. 🙂


      • I hope you get a little bit of that market, anyway. Another easy way to get orders is to put a sign on your jewelry box, telling people to go to your design site, or wherever you want them. I should have known you’d already have a book. Good Luck!


      • More good ideas…. ~holds hands to side of head~ argh! No more please.


      • Sorry – heeheehee! I’ll just make a list if I think of anything else. And I just thought of something else, and you are going to love it, when you get back. Have a blast, and sell some of that beautiful jewelry. 😎


      • Don’t apologies, it just makes me realise the things I still have to do, or could be doing. I look forward to seeing that list. 🙂


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