Lunch time tuna decisions…

Ok, so that’s a really lame title, but it says it all.
Unlike another blogger I read, I am not a lover of cheeseburgers and I do like tuna on crisp bread, or dry crackers.
Sure I have my favourites, but last time I was shopping I thought I’d try something else. Pays if I read the label though.
Garlic and soy in oil and chilli, lime & ginger in oil. Not garlic, but ginger. I hate fresh ginger.

The first be was alright, but not one to return to, the second. Well I tried it, but it’s got ginger in it, so garlic and soy actually tasted good. I ended up with a more so favourite, chilli mango. 3 Tim’s of tuna after and I have my lunch.
Funny as only a few years ago I balked at the idea of eating tuna out of the tin like this. Now I love it.


Oh, and the dog got the left over tuna. Not sure if he even tasted it. Inhaled more like.

I’m off to finish my lunch, coffee included, as usual!
Have a great day 🙂


6 responses to “Lunch time tuna decisions…

  1. mrsdsmaunderings

    I buy plain tuna, squeeze some lemon juice over it & add a finely diced bit of chopped onion…yummo..:)


  2. Yum!! I have some tuna in the pantry — I think I’ll go get some! Thanks!


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