Destination: shredder

It’s been 12 months since we’ve back in Tassie and have only just opened an old filing cabinet.
Well, considering everything inside is at least 7 year sold we didn’t worry about it. That is until we moved things and and I decided I really wanted to use it. Foolscap is much more suited to filing cabinets than A4 size. More room to move stuff.
S what was stopping me? It was locked. We don’t now where the key is. So we had to break in. Not happy. It was an expensive unit and as a consequence of that we can use but not lock it.
Some serious man handling opened it and sorted the lock so it won’t ‘re-lock’ itself.
Oh, but how smooth does it move. Out, in, out…it just glides, so smooth, no getting stuck. I got all excited about that (and no dirty comments please, I know exactly how it sounds, but how else do you write it so you can read the feeling….?).
So today I emptied it out and its all going to the shredder!!!

Life back then was simpler, but still so complicated. The things I found. We certainly made the most of our not so good situation…of course at the time we didn’t always think that.
Let’s see what’s in there…

Phone bills.. Consistent with today’s costing, and considering how much we use them now (& what for) to back then. And from numerous companies that don’t even exist anymore.

Dentist account… ouch! Back then $700 was a lot. It still is, but life has changed and it is easier to find the money now. I know next time I visit the dentist, his quote will still hurt, I will still complain about the price, but paying will be easier.

Electricity. We knew it was expensive after last years home coming experience. But the most expensive one I found for a quarter, $400. This is everything, including water and heating. In 2003.

Old payslip with the address of the place we were moving to in Qld written on the back.. We know what day I got that information.

Handbooks for a community school in the middle of nowhere, (in Qld) a place we drove through once, and that was it. What were we thinking…. Thankfully the right thing, and not going there.

Car registration. Given we’ve always had a 6cyl car, it was way cheap back then.

Rent receipts from one of the many places… It wasn’t in the best neighborhood but still, dirt cheap rent.

Removal company quotes, (from Tas to Qld). Considering the same distance and given we came back with more than what we would have been quoted for at the time. And 3 kids (2012) to 2 (2001) I couldn’t find exactly what was quoted for but it as still comparable, mabe a little more.

Paperwork from the school exchange for the student we hosted. The day she arrived was also the day I found out I as pregnant with our 3rd son. If you asked hubby, he would have no idea. I just need to look at the papers… It’s a woman thing.

Misc photos, Tupperware and Mary Kay catalogues, Jenny Craig booklet, a shopping list?? Wth?! and a newspaper pullout of an event many of us would prefer to forget. But the date is weird. 9/11 is Sept 11 right, the paper was dated Sept 8.? I think someone stuffed up.

Argh! All those wedding invites, thank you’s and birth notices.
The funniest one would have to be one that states Dress: ‘no bathing suits please’.
For some reason I’m feeling sentimental about these, even though they are dated from 1999 onwards, 13 years ago.
We are only I touch with one couple out of the lot… And I’m sure they don’t even have those things anymore. Not sure where any of my wedding stuff is now…
Should I keep them or toss them??

And check this out… One of my fab(lol, silly non spell check) favourite pictures.


11 responses to “Destination: shredder

  1. I’ve just nominated you for the ‘Super Sweet Blogger Award’. You can find the details here :


  2. That reminds me, unfortunately … 😦


  3. I love rediscovering old stuff, even if I do end up throwing heaps of it away. You’ve inspired me. I think I’ll go through my filing cabinet some time… soon 😉


    • Soon. I like that. I’m slowing working my way through the pile.


      • lol – yes… that soon is the sticking point isn’t it? I just counted up and I have 6 books to read, my house is in need of a spring cleaning, I have two kiwis to plant out and about a million bits and pieces to catch up on so exploring the filing cabinet is way down on my list. That said… seeing what’s in those drawers could be fun and the house will only get dirty again five minutes after I’ve cleaned it…. 😉


      • I’ve been filling the ‘bin’ twice at each sitting and then moving on. And I still have a squillion things to do… I’ll do it on day after my big weekend (3day market) when I have time to do more than a load of washing.. 🙂


      • lol – I shudder to think how my recycling bin is going to cope with what comes out of mine!


      • Hahaha…. Hmm, I’ve yet to figure that one out.


  4. Were’nt you cute then? and that’s the sheepskin you couldn’t be parted from.


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