Not happy, but not sad either…

Ok, while I am very happy with how my iPad is working and what I can and do do with it. This WordPress site is driving me silly. The upgrade makes it similar to what I would find on the laptop, but it is still weird when it comes to spell check and adding pictures to the body of text is, well let’s say I haven’t figured out how to make it happen, and I am just a little impatient.

Enough of that, I have to apologise to Judith, I think I deleted your comment after I replied to it. Oops, and sorry.
I have moved my studio…. Yes, I now have LOADS more room. The lounge is now where I used to be. It’s small and cozy, although watching movies as loud as hubby likes them, might make me go deaf that little bit quicker. ;}

I have lots of work to do these next week and a half before the big 3 day Art Trail.
I also have to get going with my website updates….
S if I’m a bit quiet, that will be why.

On a fun note, we went bowling today, and if we keep it up, my eldest son will out shine his father. He was pretty good back in the day, well he still is, but someone is catching up. Fast. I love bowling and it is a great family outing which we have to do more of.

Keep smiling, and if you like check out the other blog for a small post on my moving…. (


14 responses to “Not happy, but not sad either…

  1. There’s always something buggy about any upgrade, isn’t there? Hope you work your way through it.


    • Thanks, slowly beavering my way through everything. Wish I could clone myself, then me of me would work on the iPad, the other would do everything else that has to be done. Some upgrades are good, others are a pain. It’s the printer I need to work on now. But there is still the mini laptop in the meantime. 🙂


  2. I agree on the new improved updated iPad WordPress. The iPhone version seems to work better for me rather than the pad. The reader sometimes shows posts and sometimes is a great black hole. I’ve gone back to email notifications and culled a lot of blogs I follow… easier that way!


    • Isn’t that the way. My phone is doing a a better job currently. Well, marginally. To be honest, I’ve never read blogs through the reader. I get email notifications and that’s it. I will give it a go now and see what it does. I’m not looking for more blogs, unless I stumble on them, so that’s not too bad for me.


  3. julia christine stephen

    I have been lusting after an ipad…would you still recommend it now? 🙂


    • Absolutely. Although it would be good to check out what the other tablets have to offer. If you haven’t already. Being apple there will be probably be more apps available. I have an android phone and it’s hard when there is no app but iPhone/iPad will get it. Any new item requires a certain amount of research and learning time. One thing I still need to work with, is the printer. So far I seems that HP are the only ones to make a compatible wifi/iPad printer.
      Essentially, they are not a stand alone item and you will still need to utilize your PC from time to time. A lot of reviews on apps will support this.
      Hope this wasn’t too long winded and helped, Julia 🙂


  4. Jen, please don’t even think about comments as something I want to read again. I pass them to you because I love your blog, and your jewelry, and I love that you’ve made yourself a new space for work. I can’t wait to hear how the Art Trail goes!


    • Haha, thanks, I get it. But as a regular reader and commenter I felt awful that your comment disappeared. I can’t wait to get it neater to show a picture. It’s awesome!!! Thanks for keeping on supporting me 🙂


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