Busy busy but very happy

Thankyou all for your birthday wishes. I had a fabulous day. We are not big on presents generally, but I got a few surprises, which as very sweet. My husband is a darling! I got lots of hugs from m eldest son, who had to laugh as he is nearly a whole head taller than me! Yikes, how to feel short.

We got to talking about stuff (yes we do still after all this time) which turned into a discussion about craft room vs lounge – further than I anticipated – and we are now moving my studio into the bigger room, and making the lounge smaller and cosier. Right next to the kitchen so there is less running through my space… Post coming soon about the move! I also received my camera connector kit for the iPad, so pictures will be so much easier to add in now. Again, very happy! I think I found myself a bag … Lots of happy here at the moment!

I feel like I am neglecting my readers if I don’t post every couple of days, and I have many things running through my head on what to post, just not enough hours in the day presently. I am still here.

There are big things happening here over the next few days, which may get a mention at some stage. But first things first, rebox for moving ‘house’.

Mr 8 came home from school and gave me this beautiful note, very cheeky but oh so cute, and how can you to smile and give him a hug.

On the front it has my age, and the back has an “I love you mum”

Keep smiling 🙂



3 responses to “Busy busy but very happy

  1. Love the note from your son. Very cute. Glad you had a great birthday and that you’re getting some great iPad accessories. Note: I’m not jealous at all! 🙂


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