No reason to complain today….

Happy birthday to me! This 9th of August. Brunch with a friend and then picking hubby up from the airport! Can’t get better than that…not really. Well, mr 13 baked me a cake last night, and mr 15 said he’d give me a hug, nicely, given they are usually under duress, (I added, anytime I see you, much to his disgust, so its random walking into his bedroom, jumping put at him…) he does humor me, on occassion. Those that may know my son knows he is not a huge hugger. I have to chase him round the house…mr 8, he’s just, well, himself. Lots of hugs there regardless.

Picture is pre coffee so too bad really… Now I really must go get one, sort out kids lunches and get myself out the door to town.
Have a great day 🙂



9 responses to “No reason to complain today….

  1. Happy Belated Birthday so sorry I am late in wishing you one.


  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! You have a real grasp on what is important, Jen — I am happy for you and proud of you. I hope today is the beginning of a year of joy!


  3. From my coast to yours, Jennifer – Happy Birthday. Only it’s your birthday tomorrow, here! 🙂


  4. mrsdsmaunderings

    Happy Birthday Jen!!! Have a fabbo day & eat lots of cake!!! (I’ve got a similiar situation with my 2 boys – 13 yr old only hugs on special occasions, 11yr old hugs me daily!!)


    I love the thought of the random cuddle attacks on a resistant son. No material present can beat a present that involves stirring a family member up so much 🙂


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