Gorgeous weather and flower pictures and a plug for the Art Trail of which mum and I will be part of. It’s gonna be heaps of fun.

Quilts to dye for Blog

Yesterday morning this is what we could see while having breakfast at 7.15am

and then again 10 minutes later –

and it all went downhill from there.  The wind and rain that followed blew off most of the blossoms on the pink camellia, but the golden leucadendron (spelling ?) is still looking good.

and the red-flowering agave / aloe (?) will look brilliant in a few more days.

The biennial Channel Art Trail will be happening in a couple of weeks –

and I am among the 15 studios to be open for the 3 days.

Marcato Designs (my daughter Jennifer with her jewellery and mixed media) and the Circle of 4 Art Quilters (a display of small quilts) will be sharing my studio space, as well as having my fabric shop open to the public for the first time in its new home.  I will have a wide selection of silk scarves, journal covers, small quilts, hand-dyed…

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