Let the competition begin.

Ok, so from here on in for the next two weeks there will, no doubt, be plenty of posts about the Olympics.

All I’m going to say is Bring it on!

I’m not a huge sports fan otherwise, but come winter or summer Olympics and I’m right there. 

Also it’s usually the only time I’ll relax the rules and we can eat in front of the tele.

The concept used for the Olympic flame is just beautiful. Each country contributed to it and gets to take home their own piece.

Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!!

And that is the only time you’ll read/hear that from me.

A proud little Aussie 😀


6 responses to “Let the competition begin.

  1. I am backing USA USA USA lol can’t wait for the swimmers to hit the POOL!!!!
    We eat every night in the living room lol this past winter I prepaired for a horrible snowy winter by putting my office in the kitchen and table in with TV lol

    Enjoy the games!


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