I’ve gone knotty!!

Certainly not nutty, I was born that way (damn it, now I have that silly Gaga song in my head).

I was in a bit of a funk this week trying to make myself a super long bright pink necklace.  I had the dyed pink Agate, the pearls, the clear glass beads… so what could go wrong with a simple repeating pattern? Everything. I tried too many times to no avail. Nothing was going to work. They are now sitting on my desk in a pile waiting. When they are ready to be made, they will call for me and I will then have my necklace.
I was wandering around the Chickenfeed (cheapy shop) looking for more canvases when I came across these gorgeous bright wooden beads.  I knew straight away what I could make.
Hence the start of my going knotty.

This is the product of yesterday. I’m very happy with the results.

Turquoise and wooden beads. 126cm length.

Knotted glass beads – 2 strands 63cm length

Mega long knotted wooden beads – 210cm length.

Ok, so this is not knotted, but wrapped loops and linked – ceramic beads with Swarovski crystals. Chain length can be adjusted.

This one – what can I say. Not happy.  Too chunky, too blah.  I was going to knot it, but don’t know what happened. Feedback is gratefully accepted – it will get pulled apart. How it is re made is another story…

And the beads that started it all.  I’m going to hunt out more and make a short multi strand knotted necklace.  This one will be finished with two strands in between the current lengths.  I just had to order more silver spacers to do it.

Saying ‘get knotted’ my not be appropriate, but I’m saying in the nicest possible way.
Jennifer 😀


17 responses to “I’ve gone knotty!!

  1. Reblogged this on MARCATO DESIGNS and commented:

    A few recent items of super casual necklaces. 🙂


  2. Love the turquoise and the pink.


  3. nutsfortreasure

    So pretty I do wrapped loops too 🙂


  4. They are gorgeous


  5. Very cute – what is your stringing material? And, I love the pink one made with wire links.


    • it’s not leather, more of a twine, but not string… I’m rally not sure I’ve had it for so long. I can see I’m going to have trouble when I go to buy more (as I will need to shortly I think). Thanks, the pink one has a very delicate and sweet nature I think 🙂


  6. Apologies for not commenting for so long but WP had about 20 of my follows set to a default ‘Never check’. -throws hands up in the air- I really really wish they’d stop tweaking the damn application. Grrr… Anyway, I really like your necklaces!


  7. blackcatsandbuttons

    The turquoise one is lovely – very clever. 🙂


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