I’m so happy!!

I like….

– the way the dog is always so excited to see us

(man! mind blank!  how hard is it to find things I like. Of course there are lots of wonderful things I am grateful for, that I love…. but can I think of any of them now. Nup. Zip, nada, nothing.  Aside from the obvious that we are all healthy and essentially happy…. oh, wait there, this one’s a must to add in

– that people check out my blog and decide there’s something worth reading and they want more (LOVE you all)

Most of all, what I wanted to say was that

I Love that our teenage kids still want to talk to us! and we can laugh and joke around.
They’re even not embarrassed to wave or call out if they see us at school, even with their friends around.

It’s times like these I think we’re doing something right, and we’re not totally boring old parents who are out of touch.

Smiling as always 😀

9 responses to “I’m so happy!!

  1. I loved that bit about your teenaged kids not disowning you 🙂 My daughter is 25 now and I love the fact that we can talk about anything and have fun going to the movies or just ‘out’ somewhere. My Mum and I always clashed and seemed to have little in common apart from a love of good food. I’m so very glad that my daughter doesn’t think her Mum is a complete fuddey duddey!


  2. I’m so happy for you that you have a great relationship with your teens! That is a blessing indeed — and says a lot for your success at parenting. Be blessed! Angie


    • Thank you Angie. It’s days like those just past that I love how open they are with us. Mr 13 had a friend over and the conversation went south rather quickly, and his friend said “you talk to your mum about that?” with a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders mine said “well, yeah” as though saying it’s normal and nothing wrong with it. Love them all. I’ll get back in 10 years and we’ll see where we are then. 🙂


      • Well, we hit some rough spots in late high school and there were a few years when I felt like I was the worst mother ever but I stood my ground … They came back around and we have great relationships now. They have both thanked us for the way we parented, even though they did not always agree at the time. Mine are now 27 and 32 … You never stop being their mom!


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