50 Years

I’m back at the school again and more of those sports certificates came out… this time I was given the whole pile and flicking through them put me off my game, again.  Nostalgia is a pain sometimes.
On the road heading home and this song came on.  Part of the wonderfully tragic 80’s, it was released when I was still in Primary school (yr 6, aged, oh, about 12) and tied in with the emotions of leaving Gr 10 some 4 years later (and those damned awards from the same year).

So here is the Uncanny X-Men – with the oh-so-hot-to-a-12yr-old Brian Mannix out front singing 50Years.


and then many moons later, on the final of Spicks and Specks in 2011, looking like the aging rocker he is….


Jennifer 🙂


6 responses to “50 Years

  1. Oh, Brian Mannix…. I loved him! Loved loved loved…. I still have the Uncanny X Men on my ipod though. If the songs come up randomly it is like a massive wave of nostalgia!
    The years haven’t been too kind to him have they? He is still as funny as ever though. Now my brain is playing ‘Best looking guy in the factory’ and laughing. 🙂


    • lol, I have a few of those songs on my ipod too, and when they pop up it gives a WT?? moment. Although I know they’re only there coz I put them there…
      As for the age things… there are some that age has nnot been so nice to. I put Brian in the good age box. Brian Adams on the other hand, sweet voice, but sadly he’s not so hot anymore.


  2. blackcatsandbuttons

    I was a hormonal teenager…he looked good to me 😉


  3. blackcatsandbuttons

    I have photos somewhere that I took at a concert in the mid 80’s at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne…in his lycra…and studded belt…I thought he was soooo cool!


    • oh my – lycra and studded belt, eww. Did I mention the word Tragic?? He has aged better than some going by the link. That concert would have been pretty good though. 🙂


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