22 years on…

On arriving at my boys school this morning to organise his canteen lunch order, the office lady said to me “…here’s a certificate of yours. From 1989…”
What?! Sure enough, there it was, my name, coming first for long jump.

I asked where on earth they had come from. “Oh, there was just this pile sitting on the counter. I had one and saw some others that I might be able to pass on..”

(She was also a couple if grades below me, small world, she now works at the school she attended)

After being knocked for six, I finished my business at the school, but in the back of my head was the thought…. Where were they hiding for 22 years to suddenly resurface now..??


Keep smiling even when taken.by surprise.. 🙂


12 responses to “22 years on…

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  2. How wonderful!
    You now have more than a story YOU HAVE PROOF lol


  3. That is fantastic! I wonder if your detention records will be publicized next, just to bust you to the kids? Somebody very slack must have been told to clean out their desk! 🙂


    • sorry to disappoint. I was too shy to do anything naughty and get detention.. their father on the other hand…
      I’m still puzzled how they have resurfaced after all this time…


      • I was the same, although if they dished out detentions for too much talking it might have been a different story. 🙂
        22 years is a long time, I think even my dreadful filing system and pointless hoarding would have sent something that old to the bin by now. I wonder what else they have in storage?


      • I wonder… still amazes me how they’ve been ‘overlooked’ for so many years. 🙂


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