Apologies, awards and awesome news

Firstly, apologies, I have been insanely busy and although have read the odd blog, being on my phone (no time for laptop) makes it hard to like or comment on posts. I have read on and off, I think yesterday I was able to catch up a bit.

Awards.. somewhere in my comments is the link to an award, the inspiration award. Thankyou for the nomination, to say I am inspiration is so flattering, xo. On saying that, I won’t be doing any of the fun stuff you’re supposed to do except direct you to my blogroll – which I will update very soon – and pop over to see what they are all up to.

Awesome news – sorry that is a post all of its own, it just went well with the title, lol. But it is totally awesome for my family :D. Post coming soon.  FYI, it was a fab day and I am so glad it happened 😀

Now that hubby has returned to work I may get some time to do things again, lol.

Keep smiling


2 responses to “Apologies, awards and awesome news

  1. julia christine stephen

    Get the whole busy thing…sounds like you’re on a roll, congrats 🙂


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