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My new header now features the ‘main characters’ in my new crafty endeavour, obsession.
Mixed media/collage/assemblage uses all aspects of crafts using paper, cloth, beads, and anything that can be stuck, strung or somehow attached to board/canvas or anything else. After my foray into it with the Circles Exhibition (coming very soon with a post to match) I’ve become somewhat excited and am busy doodling and thinking of ways to make it work.
I did make a few during the week and took them to the market (I think I mentioned that somewhere else?) to gauge response. Well, I sold two of them, and the other two I have added to – made them better. I know why they didn’t sell.  I now have numerous drawings ready to roll, and six canvases (2 large & 4 small) to start work on.
When I saw the large ones I knew immediately what i would do with one.  I had received a pre-made necklace of beads some years ago – cool, but not really me – that included the above wooden animals.  So I shall be working on an African Safari scene… :-}
There are 4 weeks til the next market. I’d best get to work.


Unleash the animal within 🙂

8 responses to “my current muses…

  1. Hey Jen, Love the “family matters”blog. It was really like walking into a time warp- where the 30 years inbetween didin’t matter. Just the here and now. It wa s great getting to know you again and guess what I have those wooden animal safari beads.
    Catch up again soon, Cousin JO:)


    • Omg! lol at the wooden beads. that’s just too funnny, and maybe a little creepy. Heather sent me mine from Finland, but who knows where they came from to get there… It was fantastic that the years didn’t matter and it was like ‘old times’. Lance and I are trying to tee up a little something… thanks for checking my blog out, appreciated 🙂 cousin Jen! ps. We, or I, have to be careful, one of my nieces is a Jo, we don’t want names getting in a tangle.


  2. Very cool.. as always!


  3. Hmm, it’s all about Safari this week, isn’t it?

    Love your idea, Jennifer.


    • I had to laugh when saw your post aswell… I’ll make seed necklaces for everyone to wear around the campfire…
      I’m still thinking… it’s gonna be a bit abstract rather than spot on. Thanks 🙂


  4. e1aine sent me here and I’m so glad she did…we seem to share the same (endeavor) obsession! Just blogged about collage/assemblage in my jewelry creations! 🙂


    • Hi Kathy, thanks for coming over, it’s nice to meet someone else who does the same things – although I have literally just started. I will definitely pop over and check out what you’ve been doing. 🙂


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