Cat and Fiddle Arcade – Iconic in Hobart

Hobart CBD has, for as long as I can remember and a long time before that, had this very cool ‘thing’.  Everyone knows the rhyme ‘the cat and the fiddle’ right, well, we have a whole moving musical one that goes off on the hour every day (I’m assuming it is turned off during after hours..)

I remember as a little girl when ever we were in town, we would make our  way to Cat & Fiddle Arcade along with every other mum and child to watch it. It was, for me at least, the highlight of a trip to town. The mall (outdoor shopping area) also had this great wooden playground that was Awesome! but red tape and do-gooders put an end to it, I think it was around the time my eldest was born, but that is another story for maybe not another day…

Aah, the cat and Fiddle… things have changed, there are now new shops and instead of an open area with a few seats there are two food stands and it’s chock full of tables and chairs, usually full of school kids.

While in town with mr 13 the other day we were at the right time to watch it.  Still brings back those memories.  I was going to attach the recording I made on my phone but the computer wont let me… so I hunted around and found this one on the Y-tube.  Enjoy.

Jennifer 🙂

2 responses to “Cat and Fiddle Arcade – Iconic in Hobart

  1. Another sweet, candid post. I absolutely love hearing about your time with Mr. 13! 😎


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